“Ginkaku-ji”, the Buddhism temple in Kyoto2013.03.23

“Ginkaku-ji” is an old Japanese architecture located in Higashiyama, Kyoto prefecture, which was built in 15th century.

It was designated as World Heritage site. This Buddhist temple was very sober and called “Kare-san-sui” that means dried up mountain and water. “Ginkaku-ji” was built in poverty stage of Muromachi shogunate due to 8 years’ war. For that reason, the money for construction was terribly small. Inconspicuous appearance of “Ginkaku-ji” is in complete contrast to “Kinkaku-ji” with golden coating, which was built in prosperity stage of Muromachi shogunate.

“Ginkaku-ji”, the Japanese temple

Ginkaku-jiPhoto by cyesuta
Ginkaku-jiPhoto by Kentaro Ohno
Ginkaku-jiPhoto by crewords

If you come to Kyoto, why don’t you compare these two temples and historical backgrounds.

Photo by Kyoto design


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