“Nabe-Ryori”, the Japanese home cooking2013.03.18

“Nabe-Ryori” is a one of Japanese food that is more often eaten in winter. It is made in a big pot and surrounded by several people such as friends or family, and you take some food on your own plate as much as you eat.

There are a lot of kinds of “Nabe-Ryori” in Japan; Sukiyaki, Mizutaki, and so on. Each Nabe-Ryori is characterized by a recipe and used special ingredients by areas. You can also make your own Nabe-Ryori with any ingredients, e.g. cut Chinese cabbage and some sliced pork in a boiled water with soy sauce, sake, and other seasonings, and dip them into your favorite sauce, ponzu (citrus flavor) or goma-dare (sesame flavor) to eat.

Nabe-Ryoriphoto by macglee
Nabe-Ryoriphoto by Conveyor belt sushi

"Nabe-Ryori", the Japanese home cooking

I recommend you to try Nabe-Ryori to have a great time with your favorite people and warm up yourself from a cold climate in winter.


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