“Aomori Nebuta Festival”, one of the most famous festival in Japan2013.03.14

“Aomori Nebuta Festival” ?is held in Aomori prefecture every summer.

On a day before this festival, the fireworks festival is held, too. It is said that “Nebuta Festival” and fireworks festival costs approximately 220 million yen in total.When “Nebuta festival” begins, a large number of citizens parades around the city with fan-shaped parade float, lantern, and big dolls which modelled samurai and ogre.?They shouts “yare-ya!” “rasse,rasse!” “ya-ya,do!” while the parade.?It is thought that these shouts has the meaning of “mourn ancient people dead by famine”.

"Aomori Nebuta Festival", one of the most famous festival in Japan

If you come to Japan in summer, please visit this festival.



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