“Nagoya Castle”, the Japanese castle in Aichi prefecture2013.03.06

Nagoya Castle is a Japanese castle in Aichi prefecture.

This castle was built by the samurai clan called “Imagawa Family”, approximately 500 years ago.”Nobunaga Oda”, who is the of the most famous samurai general in Japan, was born in this castle.The roof is made from Japanese tile, and is topped by “Shachihoko”.Do you know “Shachihoko” ? “Shachihoko” is a legendary dolphin-like fish in Japan, and usually used as a model of ornament. A pair of “Shachihoko” were traditionally used to decorate the roof‐ridge of a Japanese castle.There are so many scenic places in this prefecture.

Nagoya Castlephoto by hiyang.on.flick

Nagoya Castlephoto by takumi.412

Nagoya Castlephoto by Ryosuke Yagi

"Nagoya Castle", the Japanese castle in Aichi prefecture

If you come to Japan, please visit here!

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