【Let’s try Japanese traditional tea ceremony!】2013.02.22

[5 steps to learn how to serve Japanese green tea]
Have you ever drunk Japanese green tea?
Japanese green tea has the original way to serve.
1.Please prepare Japanese green tea leaves.
2.Pour boiling hot water into tea cups, and let it cool down a little.
3.Please put tea leaves into teapot. (the quantity of the tea leaf is approximately 2g per person.)
4.Pour the hot water from teacups to a teapot and wait for about one minute.5.Finally, please pour hot green tea into tea cups, and keep pouring till the last drop.
An important point is that to use the high quality water, such as the mineral water.
Don’t use tap water,?because if you use the tap water, a smell of the disinfectant comes out.
【Let's try Japanese traditional tea ceremony!】

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