【The three happiest shopping spots of Kyoto】2013.02.17

When you come to Kyoto, where do you want to go shopping?
This time, I will introduce the three happiest shopping spots!

1. 四条河原町 Shijo-Kawaramachi
The first spot is Shijo-Kawaramachi.
This spot is also very popular for Kyoto people.
Most Kyoto people go to this place in weekend for shopping and date.
You can go to 3 department store in this spot. Many shops around this spot, you sure to find valuable acquisition!

2. 清水坂 Shimizu-Zaka
This spot is very near to 清水寺Kiyomizu-temple, one of the most popular Japanese temple.
You can get stylish Japanese tableware.
This land produce the special clay that very nice to make tableware.
However, the clay is exhausted now. So hurry to get cool tableware at Shimizu-Zaka!

3. 京都駅周辺 Around the Kyoto station
This spot was just station a few years ago, but now it transformed into a big and happy shopping spot!
There is a department store, so you can get some expensive gifts.
And there are also many shops underground, so you can get some nice gifts with good cost performance.
You can get very “Kyoto” gift here!

All of them are very happy spot for shopping.
Don’t miss these spots when you come to Kyoto!

【The three happiest shopping spots of Kyoto】

Photo by 京都デザイン

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