“Nioi-Bukuro”, the Japanese sachet2013.02.14

“匂い Nioi” means scent or smell, “袋 Bukuro” means bag or pouch.
Nioi-Bukuro is a little pouch made by Japanese paper or Japanese silk crepe, Japanese brocade.

It is bigger than 文香Fumikou.
Fumikou is exclusive use for letter, but Nioi-Bukuro is not.
It is mor universal use.

You can carry it to outside, so you can enjoy refined scent.
You can put it in your closet, so you can enjoy your clothes scent faintly.

This item is very tradittional in Japan.
People in Nara period(710-794) have also enjoyed it.

"Nioi-Bukuro", the Japanese sachet
Photo by アミタ(株)EN家

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