“Shureimon”, the ancient castle gate of Okinawa2013.02.05

“Shureimon” is a ancient castle gate in Okinawa, Japan.

About 500 years ago, there was a independent kingdom in Okinawa, called “Ryukyu Kingdom”.

“Shureimon” is built as the entrance of “Shuri city”, which created by the king of “Ryukyu Kingdom”.

Only this Gate was standing on the entrance of the city until about 30 years ago, because castle was not rebuilt.

The castle was rebuilt about 20 years ago, and designated as World Heritage Site.

If you come to Okinawa, please visit this gate and castle!

ShureimonPhoto by tata_aka_T
ShureimonPhoto by Kobetsai

"Shureimon", the ancient castle gate of Okinawa

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