【Japanese famous haiku written by Yosa Buson 】2013.02.01

“斧入れて 香におどろくや 冬木立”  与謝蕪村
Ono irete, Ka ni odorokuya Fuyukodachi
written by Yosa Buson(1716-1784)

In the winter wood, trees are withered.
When I axed a tree, I was surprised because it smells beautifully.
The tree seems already withered, but it was not.
Now I knew it alives, preparing for next spring.

Japanse people love the smell of wood.
Especially the Hinoki, Japanese cypress.
According to one account, Hinoki was used as building material from 6th century in Japan.

【Japanese famous haiku written by Yosa Buson 】

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