“Underwater site of Yonaguni island”, the Mysterious place of Japan2013.01.22

There are mysterious geographical features at the bottom of the sea near Yonaguni Island, Okinawa prefecture in Japan.

There are some traces of civilizations, such as holes seems to dug for raising pillar, passages, and stepped walls,

There are many theories when this geographical features were formed, just like 1000-7000 years ago.

In addition, theories of researchers has been divided into two patterns, some researchers says that these features were formed by natural phenomena , others says that these are artificial things, made by human beings.
Surprisingly, quite a few people argues that there was a “continent of Mu” or ” Atlantis” in this place!

The truth is still unknown, but there is a very popular place in Japan as a diving spot, so please visit there when you come to Okinawa!!

"Underwater site of Yonaguni island", the Mysterious place of Japan


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