“Takeda Castle”, the Japanese castle called “Japanese Machu Pichu”2013.01.21

“Takeda Castle” is a mountain castle which located in Hyogo prefecture, and this castle is one of the National Historic Site of Japan.

Because this castle is made of stone and situated on the mountaintop and sea of clouds can be seen from there, this castle has a nickname of “Japanese Machu Pichu” or “Castle of the heaven”.

Though its altitude is lower than original Machu Pichu, and its history is shorter than the original one, please don’t care about that…

This castle was built on the mountaintop of “Koga Mountain” (虎臥山) , which 353.7 meters hight, about 560 years ago.
“Koga” (虎臥)means “crouching tiger ” in Japanese, and this castle resembles bold tiger aiming their target.

The area is approximately 400 meters of north and south, and approximately 100 meters of east and west.

About 400 years had passed from abandoned, but stone walls still exists as their original figure.

Sea of clouds seems to appears in September ~ November, before sunrise ~ 8:00 a.m.

Please come to Japan and watch it !

 "Takeda Castle", the Japanese castle called "Japanese Machu Pichu"


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