“Amanohashidate”, the natural way which formed on the sea2013.01.16

“Amanohashidate” is a natural way which formed on the sea, and it specified as “three most famous scenic places in Japan”This natural way exists on miyazu bay, Kyoto prefecture, and 3.6kilometers in length.
Width reaches up to 170meters from 20 meters, and designated as a public road in nowadays.
There are about 8000 pine trees grows around this area, so the scenary is so beautiful.One of the ancient Japanese creation myth “Fudoki 風土記” says that the God called “Izanagi no mikoto ” stood a ladder in order to climb up to the heaven, but it collapsed while he was sleeping, and his ladder changed to the road.Another creation myth “Kojiki ” says that “Izanagi no mikoto” stood “Amanohashidate” with his wife “Izanami no mikoto 伊邪那美命” , and stir chaos with pikes in order to crate Japan.

Thus, “Amanohashidate” is not only a beautiful place but also a holy place related to te myth. In fact, many tumulus or mirrors, which considered as holy things in the ancient Japan, are discovered from this area.
It seems that there were a huge kingdom in ancient times.

"Amanohashidate", the natural way which formed on the sea

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