“Gara-gara”, the Japanese unique raffle campaign machine2013.01.13

In Japan, many department stores or shopping mall holds raffle campaign called “Gara-Gara” very often.

When customers buy something at the store in the mall or department store, they can get raffle tickets corresponds to the amount they purchased.

After customers given a ticket, they goes to raffle corner, and rotates the handle attached to a wooden box hexagonal or octagonal. This box is “Gara-Gara”!
“Gara-Gara” contains a lot of small ball. When customers rotates the handle, a small ball comes from the box, and prizes will be awarded corresponds to its color.
The naming of “Gara-Gara” is derived from the sound of rotating handle.

In general, travel tickets to southern resorts are the first prize (in many cases, they
corresponds to red balls), and pocket-sized tissue papers are the worst prize (white balls).
Once red balls comes out from “Gara-Gara”, clerks rings bell very noisy in order to inform another customers.

“Gara-Gara”‘s origin dates back to 100 years ago, a master of hat shop had began this service to make his customers enjoy.

“Gara-Gara” is so popular campaign in Japan that it is not too much to say that almost all of Japanese has experiences of rotating “Gara-Gara”.

But, in many cases, prizes are tissue papers.

Are there any interesting raffle in your country?

"Gara-gara", the Japanese unique raffle campaign machine

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