“Takoyaki”, the home cooking of Osaka prefecture2013.01.12

“Takoyaki” is Japanese-style octopus dumplings originated in Osaka, Japan.

“Takoyaki” is very easy to cook it. There are only two steps.?First, putting octopus fillets in flour dough, bake to a spherical diameter of about 3-5cm.?Then, spread sauce and mayonnaise on it and topping green seaweed flakes and bonito flakes.?Though it is often eaten as a snack basically, it is eaten as lunch or dinner in nowadays.”Takoyaki” never eaten in formal parties such as wedding receptions, because it is just home cooking.?People lives in Osaka are the best “Takoyaki Fans” in Japan.?It is true that Tokyo is the capital of Japan, but there are overwhelmingly more Takoyaki restaurant in Osaka.

So, it is not too much to say that Osaka is a “Takoyaki Capital” in Japan.

Funny Osaka urban legend says that <In Osaka, “Takoyaki hot plate” is one of the trousseau.>< every family in Osaka has “Takoyaki hot plate”.><Osaka people eat Takoyaki with rice.>

and so on.?In addition, there are “Takoyaki Museum” in Osaka.Do you know any other people loves specific food so much??Please tell me some comfort foods, such as “Takoyaki” in your country.

"Takoyaki", the home cooking of Osaka prefecture


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