“Hatsuyume”, the Japanese New year oracle2013.01.05

In Japan, “Hatsuyume” means the first dream in new year.

Japanese predicts their fortunes of new year by interpreting their first dreams.

Japanese believes that “Mt. Fuji” is the most auspicious dream.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan (3776 meters height) , and has been called “the sacred mountain”

In addition, its pronounciation is very similar to “buji”, which means “healthy” or “lucky” in Japanese.
Therefore, people believe that if they saw this mountain in the first dream, it makes new year definitely happy.

The hawk is the second auspicious dream.

In Japan, it is said that hawk is one of the three auspicious birds same as phoenix and crane.

Hawk says “Taka” in japanese, which pronounciation resembles “takai”.

“Takai” means “higher”, so Japanese believes that if they saw Hawk in the first dream, they’ll be able to make new year better than last year.

The third auspicious dream is eggplant, surprisingly!

Eggplant says “Nasu” in Japanese, which pronounciation completely same as “Nasu”, which means “success”, and Japanese forklore sais that one of the most famous ancient samurai “Ieyasu Tokugawa” loves eggplant.

Therefore, it is believed that this dream make japanese people succeed.

There are many different funny folklores after the first three. In some region, people believes that dream of a washroom makes new year happy, because it means “flush the bad stuff” !

In order to see a good dream like these, it is also believed that if they put a paper under the pillow which drew a picture of treasure ship, the treasure ship will bring good dream.

Can you believe that Japanese are glad to see the dream of eggplants or washroom on New year’s day?

"Hatsuyume", the Japanese New year oracle

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