“Fukubukuro”, the Japanese unique shopping campaign in New year2013.01.04

In Japan, people buy “Fukubukuro” ,which means “Happy bag” in Japanese.

In the old times, it believed as the icon of happiness and painted in many old pictures. In many old pictures, “Fukubukuro” is grabbed by the God called “Daikokuten” who believed ” Fukunokami” (“God of good luck” in Japan).

In nowadays, it turned to bagged products and entertain Japanese customers.

“Fukubukuro” is mainly sold by jewellery store or apparrel store, but surprisingly, there are some vending machines of “Fukubukuro” in Japan!

The contents of “Fukubukuro” is secret, so customers cannot open until buy it.

Contents are often unsold items in the past year, so customers can get lower price than the total price of products in usual.

However, the design of contents are unknown until open the bag, so it is true that some cool, trendy things may contain, but horribly nonsense old-fashoned things may contain ,too.

Such gambling elements are so interesting that Japanese likes to buy “Fukubukuro”.

This “Fukubukuro” culture spreads to some areas, such as United States or Hong Kong gradually.

Are there unique New-year products in your country?

"Fukubukuro", the Japanese unique shopping campaign in New year

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