”Mikoshi”, the Japanese ceremonial vehicle2012.12.29

?”Mikoshi”, the Japanese ceremonial wheelless vehicle”Mikoshi” is a vehicle used by a festival of Japan. It is believed that God gets on. When a festival begins, a ceremony is performed in order to pick up God in a “Mikoshi”.

After then, people carry “Mikoshi” on their shoulder and parade around downtown.This parade has meanings that “purify their town” and “spread God’s power”.There are unique and intense “MIkoshi-festival” styles in some areas.Mikoshi-fight” is a style that bump hard some “Mikoshi” each other. “Mikoshi rampage” is a style that swing “Mikoshi” violently.These intense styles has a meaning that enhance the spirit of God.

When people carry a “Mikoshi” on their shoulder, they shouts “Wasshoi ! Wasshoi !”.

Even Japanese don’t know the origin of “Wasshoi” in detail, but an opinion of “Wa wo seou”(” put peace on a back” in Japanese) is common. There is the astonishing opinion that Hebrew is an origin of it. Is it true??

Is there the interesting festival in your town?

”Mikoshi", the Japanese ceremonial vehicle

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