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Where do you want to visit while you are staying at Tokyo?2015.05.22


Tokyo is probably one of the most curious spots in Japan when you decide to visit  Japan for the first time. Tokyo is not only famous for the urban city but also some tourist spots  as well. Here is some places you may enjoy.

1 nights and 2 days trip in Tokyo

First day

Tokyo station is the historical building itself. (It opened in 1914 and was destroyed in air raids during the  World War II. After that, it was rebuilt.)

Tokyo station to Shinjuku station to visit Shinjuku gyoen, the imperial garden.

It takes about 14 mins by Chuo Honsen of East Japan railway (194 yen). You may use subway, the Marunouchi line from Tokyo to Chinjuku gyoen-mae. It takes 16mins (195 yen).

You can also visit Tsukiji market, one of the famous tourist spots.

It takes 21 mins by the Oedo line, the subway (267 yen). Please try the fresh sushi or foods using seafood. You can take part in the backstage tour if you are interested in watching the auction. The numbers of people who can participate in are limited. Please be careful.

You might want to come back to Tokyo station and stay over for your convince.

Second day

You must see the Tokyo Sky Tree.

It takes 11 mins from Tokyo station to Oshiage station by Yokosuka sobu line of East Japan railway and Hanzomon line, the subway (319 yen). You need to walk about 15 mins to the Tokyo Sky Tree.

You can also visit Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture where you can see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the Onsen if you have time.


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