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Trip to Miyagi, Yamagata, and Akita Prefectures in Tohoku District2015.03.11


March 11th in 2011 was the day we had a huge earthquake in Japan, so called “Higashi-nihon daishinsai(The Great East Earthquake in Japan).” That day was the terrible day for all Japanese, especially in Tohoku district.

People are trying to recover from its damages ever since. However, it is still not enough and is still on the way half.

As a remembrance of the day, we, members of Editorial Desk for Only Native Japan, decided to choose Tohoku district for out the First Recommended Spots. We hope that you enjoy them!

Yamagata, Miyagi, and Akita prefectures in Tohoku District

<Three days and Two nights>

  • First day starts from

Tokyo station →→→→about 1 hour and half by JR bullet train, Tsubasa→→→→Yamagata Station (Staying at Yamagata for a day)

  • Second day starts from

Yamagata station →→→→about 1 hour by a highway express bus →→→→ Sendai station(Miyagi prefecture) →→→→ about 1hour and half by JR bullet train, Komachi →→→→Kakunodate station (Akita prefecture)(Staying        Kakunodate for a day)

  • The Last day starts from

Kakunodate Station →→→→about 3 hours and half by JR bullet train, Komachi→→→→Tokyo Station


  • In Sendai, enjoy the local food such as  and Gyutan(ox tongue)!Let’s visit at Sendai jyo(a castle).
  • In Yamagata, let’s visit Risshaku-ji(temple deeply related with a poet, Basho Matsuo) and Zao for Ice Monsters,soft rime! Have a great fun with Japanese traditional noodles, Soba.
  • In Akita, let’s explore the Bukeyashiki street and Daki-gaeri Keikoku. Enjoy the traditional local food, Kiritanpo.


You may want to come back to this district in different seasons because…

  • In Yamagata and Sendai, there is a famous tourist spot, called Okama(story is coming up in April), a crater lake. It will open from end of April, depending on the snow.
  • In additon, there are famous Tohoku festivals in both places, called Hanagasa in Yamagata and Tanabata in Sendai.
  • In Kakunodate, it is also famous for the Cherry blossom season(the end of April to the beginning of May for Tohoku District)(story is coming up in April).

We hope that you like our Recommended Spots!!

【Reference】East Japan Rail Way Company