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Touring castles in Kinki and Chugoku districts2015.06.19

150612 姫路城

In Japan, there are many famous castles still remaining  at the present day.  There are many Japanese who like touring castles. This time, some castles we would like to introduce  are the following.  All the castles below are in Kinki and Chugoku districts. Here is the recommended tour!

1 night 2 days trip to Kinki and Chugoku districts

First day

Visiting Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto

Starts from Kansai International airport to Kyoto station

You need to take Express train bound for Kyoto station (West Japan Rail Way). Then, you need to take local train from Kyoto station to Nijo-jo mae station. It takes about 1 hour and 20mins(3340yen).

You can walk around the Kyoto if you have time.

To visit next place, Takeda-jo castle in Hyogo prefecture, you must need to go there in the early morning to see the fantastical Japanese Machu Picchu, depending on the season. Ususally, the best season is late autumn. However, you can enjoy the scenery even though you can not see the Japanese Machu Picchu.

Second day

Enjoy the Takeda-jo castle. Since it is located at the mountain, it is recommended to bring the bottle of water.

Then, you need to take local train from Takeda station to Kyoguchi Station to visit Himeji-jo Castle in Himeji city in Hyogo Prefecture.  It takes about 2 hours by local trains (1140yen). It is restored cement plaster. You can not miss this whiteness because it only lasts about 3 years because mold will grow regularly.

You can come back to Kansai International airport from Himeji station. It takes about 35mins by bullet train to Shinosaka station and 50mins  from Shinosaka station to Kansai International Airport. (5020 yen)

Do you like the Japanese castles? These 3 castles are highly recommended in Kinki and Chugoku districts. Please enjoy!

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