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Let’s Enjoy Ohanami by Traveling Aichi and Gifu!2015.04.10


Japanese people enjoy  cherry blossom viewing, called Ohanami, in April. Since cherry blossoms only last about a week or so, they are considered as an ephemeral beauty which Japanese people have a great regard for.

Here is the model plan to enjoy one of the three most beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan.

One Night and Two Days Trip from Tokyo

First day

Tokyo station to Nagoya station in Aichi prefecture
You need to takes the bullet train, called Nozomi.
Nagoya station to Ogaki station in Gifu prefecture by an express train, called Shirasagi.
Ogaki station to Tarumi station on Tarumi Rail road.
Tarumi station to Naodani Usuzumi park on foot.

It totally costs you 12190 yen per person and takes about 3 hours and 50 mins.

You may want to come back to Nagoya city to stay and enjoy local foods.

Second day

Nagoya station to Tokyo station
It takes about 1 hour and 40 mins.

You can enjoy…

  • cherry blossom viewing of Usuzumi sakura(or Usuzumi zakura), called Ohanami.
  • eating local foods such Miso nikomi udon, Ankake pasta, and Hitsumabushi etc.
  • visiting Nagoya castle, Nanachan doll, and so on.


If you are active enough and want to visit other than Usuzumi sakura and Nagoya city, here is the list of close city you may enjoy…

  • Mie prefecture where you can visit Ise shrine, called Ise jingu and enjoy the local foods.
  • Shizuoka prefecture where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji.

You must enjoy the limited time of cherry blossom viewing! You can visit there from Kansai district if you are comming from Kansai international airport! It takes about 1 hour by the bullet train from Shin Osaka station to Nagoya. (5830 yen)