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If you are tired of the rainy season, please visit Hokkaido!2015.07.03


Now, we are in the middle of rainy season, called Tsuyu. People are tired of rainy days but high humidity. However, Hokkaido is lucky enough to avoid Tsuyu because of its high latitude, comparing with other Prefectures. Early summer is one of the good time to visit Hokkaido because of this. Here is the recommended plan to visit Hokkaido!

3 days and 2 nights in South Hokkaido

First day starts from Narita International Air port

You may want to use an air plane from Narita International Air port to New Chitose air port to reduce the travelling time. It takes about 1 hour and 45 to 50 mins. The cost  depends on the air transport companies and the season you travel. It is usually around 20000 to 40000 yen. From New Chitose air port to Sapporo, you can take local train which takes about 37mins.(1070yen)
(※You can also take the bullet train and local trains if you like to have a fun with sight seeing from the trains. However, it takes more than 10 hours.)

You can enjoy the Sapporo city by visiting the followings…

  • The Clock Tower, a National Important Cultural Property, is one of the famous tourist spots in Sapporo city.
  • You may want to see the beautiful scenery  from Mt.Moiwa. You can take Mt.Moiwa Ropeway way to go up there.  You would like to try both day and night scenery from Mt. Moiwa.
  • At dinner time, if you are interested in one of the famous Japanese Beer, Sapporo Beer, you may want to try Sapporo Beer  Garden to learn the history and eat dinner with delicious beer, of course.

Second day starts from Sapporo

Let’s move to Otaru, the famous spots for its historical town and music boxes. It takes about 40mins by an local train (640 yen).

You can enjoy the Otaru city by visiting the followings…

  • At Orugoru museum in Otaru city, you can see the history of music boxes. In addition, you can even experience with making music box.
  • Otaru canal is the place you may enjoy the historical scenery.
  • There are many Otaru glass shops because glass makings used to be one of the industries which propped up Otaru economy.  You may find the one you like while you are walking around.
  • At dinner time, you should try the sea foods of Hokkaido!

The last day starts from Otaru

Let’s move to Hakodate city, another big city in Hokkaido. It takes about 4 hours and 12 mins by the local train and the  express train (8850yen).

In Hakodate city, you must see the Goryokaku before you go back to Tokyo.

  • To enjoy the Goryokaku, designated as a special historic spot of Japan, you need to go to the Goryokaku tower.

You should take an air plain going back from Hakodate Airport to Narita International airport. It takes about 1 hour and 25 mins. Hokkaido is the huge island, located in the north of Japan. If you have other chances, you may want to go there again to visit north or east part of Hokkaido!



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