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How do you spend a time of the rainy season in Japan?2015.06.05


The rainy season is near at hand. Raining is unwelcomed for tourists. Why don’t you visit Kamakura to enjoy Ajisai(Japannese hydrangea). You can arrive at Kamakura 56min by train (918 yen) from Tokyo Station. You may also enjoy good foods, beautiful sea and traditional temples all day long.

1 day trip to Kamakura

1. Get on the Yokosuka-line JR at Tokyo station, drop at Kita-kamakura Station. 7 min walk. Visit at Meigetsu-in. It called Ajisai-dera is famous for a hydrangea.

↓20 min. by walk (1.4km) to Tsuruoka Hachimangu.

2Tsuruoka Hachimangu is a shrine, established in 1063. You can  see a beatiful historical buildings and garden.

↓walk towards the Kamakura Sta. (8min. 600m) via Komochi-dori.

3. Komachi-dori is a shopping street, connects Kamakura Sta. and the Tsuruoka Hachimangu. If you tired and hungry, you can take a rest at a restaurant, tea room or try the food at various restaurant. And you will definitely be able to find fantastic souvenirs on the Komachi-dori.

4. Take the Enoden at the Kamakura Station, is the terminal of Enoden. Leave the train at Hase Station.(5min 190 yen) 7minites of walk will take you to The Great Buddha and Kotoku-in. The Great Buddha was built in 13th centuries. You can enter the body of the huge statue.

↓ 10min walk from The Great Buddha to Shisou-an.

5. At Shisou-an, you will experience Samurai costume. You can choose several kinds of costume. Depends on the costume, price and time would be changed.

Shisou-an is the last sightseeing spot of this plan.But, if you have time to spare, I would like to introduce one more place where a famous high school basket ball animation took place. Back to Hase Station by walk, take a Enoden bounds for Fujisawa. Get off Kamakura-kokomae station. The beautiful sea opens in front of the station. If you know this animation, you will be absolutely impressed by the view.

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