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Enjoy One of the Closest Tourist Spots, Saitama2015.05.08


If you visit Tokyo, you may want to go other places. However, you may want to chose the place where is close to Tokyo for your convenience. Saitama prefecture is next to Tokyo where you can enjoy many things. Here is the recommended plan you might want to try.

1 night 2 days trip to Saitama

Tokyo to Kawagoe city in Saitama Prefecture

It takes about 50 mins. (Tokyo station  to Ikebukuro station takes about 15 mins by a train of Yamanote line, and Ikebukuro station to Kawagoe station take about 35 mins by a train of Seibu Ikebukuro line.)

You can enjoy the old city just like Edo era, called Koedo in Kawagoe city. You may want to try the local foods, such as…

・Sweet potato foods (ex. Sweet potato pies, fried and candied sweet potatoes etc.)
Unagi, the eel, over the rice

Honkawagoe station(Near Kawagoe) to Seibu Chichibu station takes about 1 hour and 20 mins by a local train and an express train. Let’s stay over at Chichibu for a day.

You can enjoy the followings…

・Siba zakura at Hitsujiyama Koen park in Chichibu city
・Hotozan mountain in Chichibu city (extreme sightseeing by using an aerial tramway)
・Ride the Steam locomotive
・Takes boat tours on Nagatoro river

You can use an express train coming back to Tokyo from Seibu Chichibu.