【Okinawa】Hoshino Cave: The largest limestone caves2016.01.06

160106 ★星野洞

Hoshino Cave is the largest limestone caves at Minamidaito Island (Minamidaitojima), Okinawa Prefecture, which is located in the most south part of Japan. There are more than 120 limestone caves as this island was formed when a coral reef rose, and the area of the earth’s stratum contains much limestone. The total length of the cave is 375 meters, which is about 303 square meters. This grand natural phenomenon is astonishing, and said to be the most beautiful cave in Asia.

The entrance door looks nothing special, and you may think that this place does not worth to visit. But after 100 meters walk to the underground, you will be very impressed on it. The magnificent beautiful milky-white stalactites cover the whole space from the celling to the floor. They are attractively lighted up, and show you various type of shape such as curtains, straws, and icicles. The curtain-shaped stalactites glittering an aurora colors are breathtaking. Especially the stalactites shaped like straws here are said to be the longest one in Japan.

There are sidewalks throughout the cave so that it is very easy for the visitors to walk around. The cave is in very good condition from the scientific point of view because the humidity in the interior has been kept in a certain extent. So it is precious that you will still be able to see a lot of milky-white unweathered stalactites. The area which has no earthquake may contribute to this factor.

The difference in height is 40 meters. You will feel as you are exploring a new area. This is the place which you will never be bored.


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