【Hokkaido】Hakodate Asaichi, Fresh seafood heaven2015.12.16


Hakodate Asaichi” is one of the largest morning market in Japan, which is located in Hakodate, Hokkaido. This market is just next to the Hakodate main station, and it has more than 300 stores on its 3 hectare site.

Many Japanese people living outside Hokkaido say that Hokkaido is the fresh seafood heaven.There is no place superior to Hokkaido regards of its freshness and flavor of seafood, and you can buy them with much more reasonable price here than in Tokyo.

Various products are available for all seasons here, but you will have a better chance if you know the best season of each seafood. For instance, squid and urchin are best in the summer, and salmon including salmon roe are best in the autumn.

Experience of squid fishing

The most recommendable activity in this market is fishing squids. After catching a live squid from the fish tank by yourself, you can eat it right away. The chef prepares it for “sashimi” quickly in front of you, which is worth to see. The rally fresh squid looks translucent and glistening, and the taste is brilliant.

Try “Kaisen-don,” a seafood rice bowl!

Kaisen-don” is a bowl of steamed rice topped with several types of sashimi, accented with soy sauce. There are different kinds of “Kaisen-don,” and one of the local recommended seafood rice bowls, called “Daimyomori” has various seafood in a single dish including shrimp, scallops, crab, urchin, salmon roe and more. You will enjoy a fresh variety of Hokkaido seafood in one time.

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