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Even though some men love sweets, it is not too much to say that women love sweets more than men. That is a universal standard for sure. Japanese sweets are called “Wagashi.” It is the most beautiful Japanese traditional delicacy and is an art by itself. The colors and the shapes made by professional hands are not only sweet in the mouth, but also a feast for the eye. Meanwhile in Japan, there is a new category called “wa sweets” (Japanese sweets). It is a jolly combination of Japanese and Western sweets, such as cakes and parfait. Major examples of “wa sweets” are Matcha parfait (a parfait made from green tea powder), and also ice cream using “Wasanbon” (Japanese decent sugar) with sweet bean paste on top.

“Wa sweets” are of course related to “Wagashi “(Japanese traditional sweets). As it reflects the seasons and features of specific times of year, you can often see these traits of them in “wa sweets” as well. For example, in the spring time as you see cherry blossoms and enjoy spring fruit like strawberries and cherries, many “wa sweets” use pink ingredients to express the joy for spring. It is indeed pleasant for the eye too. Shops serving “wa sweets” are sometimes called “wa café,” which are often run by those who admire art. Some “wa café” have an art gallery as well as an eating space. Surrounded with stylish interiors, talking with friends over lovely “wa sweets” can give you a very relaxing moment. Japanese people think “wa sweets” are less formal than “wagashi,” and they are easy to buy as you can even purchase “wa sweets” at convenience stores. And, here is an important fact to remember: The calories of “wa sweets” are comparatively lower than Western sweets. Due to these reasons, “wa sweets” and “wa café” are very popular among women nowadays.

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