【Fukushima】 The Best Place for Autumn Foliage, Bandai Azuma Skyline2015.10.14

151014★ 磐梯吾妻スカイライン

Bandai Azuma Skyline is known as one of the best places to see beautiful autumn foliage. It is located in Fukushima prefecture, which is reached by train for 2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo. The entire length of its skyline is 29 km, which place has been selected as “The Best 100 Roads in Japan.”

In Autumn, the breathtaking scenery here at 1,622m elevation covered with red and yellow leaves, attractting visitors so much. This is why people have visited here many times. The Japanese maple leaves turn the red color from green in this early autumn. Every time you turn a corner, you find the new scenery there. Driving this skyline let you  see the totally different dynamic mountain ranges, canyons, and interesting shaped rocks.

There are the best 8 spots, called “Azuma Hakkei.” It is selected by Yasushi Inoue, one of the famous prolific writers. One famaous place is called “Tengu no Niwa” ( the garden of Tengu). It is named after the legend, which says Tengu had played and danced on huge scattered stones there.

It is highly recommended to visit there at the beginning until the middle of October. In this period, many sightseers visit there on foot and by a car and a motorbike, so that they can enjoy the landscapes. For those who prefer the sightseeing bus tour, there are some.

Here is also famous as the hot-spring resort, called “Koyo Onsen.” You may enjoy it after the sightseeing!



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