【Shiga】”Makino Metasequaia lined tree road,” beautiful landscape created with four seasons2015.09.21

150921★ マキタ高原

The four seasons in Japan attract people all over the world. If you would like to feel each season, it is a good choice to visit “Makino Metasequoia tree lined street” in Makino town, Takashima city, Shiga Prefecture. It is a road from Makino highland to Makino Pick Land (fruit farm), located in the northwest area of the largest lake in Japan, “Biwako.”

Metasequoia is a deciduous conifer and also called ‘redwood’ which is native to the Lichuan county in the Hubei of China. Because it looks like Sequoia, it was named Metasequoia which means “almost a Sequoia or Sequoia-ish.” In 1949, an American botanist gave Metasequoia to the Japan’s Emperor, and then it became one of the popular trees in Japan. Nowadays, you can see Metasequoia everywhere in Japan: school, park and street side. In 1981, first Metasequoia trees in Makino had been planted as a part of town improvement project. As local people loved the trees which were creating beautiful landscapes, more trees had been planted. Finally, there are about 500 Metasequoia trees on the 2.4 km road.

The reason why many tourists visit Makino Metasequoia road is its beautiful scenery changed within each season; fresh greenery in spring, deep green in summer, foliage in fall, snowflakes on the tree and a collaboration with nearby mountains. Changing beautiful landscapes attract a lot of tourists during seasons. Once you visit there, you would be back to feel other seasons. This road was selected as “the best 100 sceneries in Japan.” In Makino area, you can enjoy not only its beautiful Metasequoia trees but fruit pick through all seasons.