【Food】“Kakigori”, The Shaved Ice Made by Japanese Nature and Tradition2015.09.11

150911 かき氷

The Shaved Ice called “Kakigori” is one of the summer foods in Japan. You can see it sold in “Natsu Matsuri,” summer festival. It is a very simple food: shaved ice with syrup. You can eat some shaved ice in some hot weather countries around the world, of course. However, Japanese Kakigori is the artistic dessert created by Japanese nature and tradition.

According to some ancient Japanese stories, Kakigori had been already eaten only by nobles. “Himuro“- old and natural style freezer was created in the cave at that time, in order to keep ices. In modern times, it became a popular food which everyone can eat. As people could have their own refrigerator and freezer, they could have the ice shaving machines and make Kakigori at home especially in the post war period. Kakigori became widely established as a summer food. Nowadays, it became one kind of sweets. You can enjoy lots of flavors and different texture. One of the most typical flavors is “Uji Kintoki” with green tea syrup and sweet bean paste. Also, Kakigori uses some different kinds of ices: nature ice, pure ice and frozen fruit juice. Kakigori of nature ice is considered as the most valuable one because the ice is made from natural water and in a very old traditional way with “Himuro.”

If you can go to the specialty store for Kakigori, you can enjoy it during all seasons. However, please make sure that you need to make a long line and wait for over 2 hours to eat fastidious Kakigori.

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