【Culture】Wa Rousoku-Japanese Candle2015.08.25


“Wa Rousoku” is a traditional Japanese Candle, which has long history.

Nara Era (the8th century)

A candle was brought from China. Bee wax is taken from honey comb, and only rich people used to use “Wa Rousoku.”

Heian Era(the 9th~11th century)

Resin which was called “Matsuyani” had been used for making “Wa Rousoku” instead of bee wax.

Muromati Era (the 14th century~the middle of 16th century)

Japanese wax tree, called “Haze(sumac wax),” has been used for making it.

Edo Era(the 17th century ~the middle of the 19th century

Experts has made “Wa Rousoku” using not “Matsuyani” but “Haze.” At that time “Wa Rousoku” was at its peak. But as you know, it was really valuable, so only rich people were able to use it. Others used light with rapeseed oil.

Meiji Era ~ (the middle of 19th century~)

Western candle has started to make, and since then it has been widespread among everybody. Still now, most people use Western Candle.

But actually, people use electric light, so hardly need even Western Candle right now. And if you need not an electric light but a candle, you might buy a Western Candle. The reason is that it is cheaper, indeed.

Compared with a Western Candle, a Japanese candle shows a dynamic flame and that flame crackles and pops. The aim is also different. For instance, a Western candle is used for a blackout while a Japanese Candle is used for some formal events in temples.

Usually, it is handmade by the craftspeople. Because the sounds of making are unique, even the sounds can be attractive. In addition, Japanese Candles, called “Wa Rousoku,”are mostly colorful decorated which create the Japanese beauty. These days, “Wa Rousoku” with aroma is produced.

Now, “Wa Rousoku”is one of Japanese arts.


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