【Seasonal】Tanabata Matsuri, the Summer Festival in Sendai2015.08.10

150810 仙台七夕まつり

Do you know “Tanabata“? In Japan , On July 7th is a day of “Tanabata” as we introduced previously. Vega, called “Orihime” and Altair, called “Hikoboshi” are known as a couple. It says that they fell in love and became lazy, so they are separated by Milky Way. Only on July 7th, they are admitted to meet.

Sendai city belongs to Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku district. Usually, “Sendai Tanabata Matsuri,” that is “Tanabata“festival, is held on August 6th, 7th, and 8th . The event used to be considered as the traditional festival of July according to the Chinese calendar. To accommodate its season sense

Because of the decorations gorgeousness, “Sendai Tanabata Matsuri” is considered as one of the top 4 festivals in Tohoku district.

  • Sendai tanabata festival
  • Aomori Nebuta festival
  • Kanto matsuri festival in Akita
  • Hanagasa festival in Yamagata

One of them is a bamboo grass decoration. On August 4th, a previous day of the festival, the people of the shopping street start a preparation for the bamboo grass decoration from the morning. They cut over 10 m long bamboo, and it says that 1 bamboo costs hundreds of thousands of – millions of yen. During the festival, they are competing against one another for a gold prize about the gorgeousness of their decorations.

Another one is called 7 decorations.

  • Tanzaku” for improving study and calligraphy
  • Kamigorom” for avoiding disease and bad luck, for improving sewing
  • Orizuru” for the safety of each family, good health and long lives
  • Kinchaku” for their successes in business
  • Toami” for the rich fish and harvest
  • Kuzukago” for the cleanness and saving money
  • Fukinagashi” for Orihime’s weaving thread

There are night events regarding to the Sendai tanabata festival. You might want to enjoy the night light-up as well.


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