【Shimane】 Adachi Museum of Art presents Japanese art with “Nihonga” paintings and top-rated gardens2015.07.24


Adachi Museum of Art exhibits is not only masterpieces of modern Japanese paintings but also an outstanding example of integrated Japanese gardens. The fusion reflects the founder Adachi Zenko’s belief that providing viewers with art works and gardens together can expand their appreciation of Japanese art.

Zenko was so passionated about his gardens that he traveled all over Japan to collect the gravels, rocks, pine trees and other materials that meet his ideal. His ceaseless efforts to perfect his gardens seem to pay off. The Journal of Japanese Gardening has been choosing the museum as the best Japanese garden for 12 consecutive years since 2003. The U.S. magazine surveys more than 900 public gardens throughout the country every year.

The museum opened in Yasugi city, Shimane prefecture in 1970. It houses a total of about 1,500 art works which are comprised of modern and contemporary Japanese paintings, ceramics, carvings and lacquerware. Of those, it holds about 120 of Yokoyama Taikan’s pieces, Japan’s largest collection of the world-renowned painter. Taikan is an influential figure who contributed to the creation of traditional Japanese-style “Nihonga” painting technique.

The Japanese gardens come with six parts including “the Dry Landscape Garden,” “the Moss Garden,” and “the White Gravel and Pine Garden.” They have an area of about 165,000 square meters in total. Against the background of natural mountains, the gardens present different pictures each season – azalea flowers in spring, fresh green leaves in summer, colored leaves in autumn and a snow scene in winter.

In 2010, it opened a new annex to feature contemporary “Nihonga” paintings. It changes its exhibits four times a year. Among its other collections are modern Japanese paintings by Takeuchi Seiho and Hashimoto Kansetsu as well as ceramics works by Kitaoji Rosanjin.


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