【Nagano】”Wasabi” is Japanese hot healthy vegetable2015.06.19

150619 安曇野わさび

Do you like hot food? If you do, please try Wasabi. It is one of the Japanese hot, peppery and bit bitter vegetables. “Azumino Wasabi“, the green roots like vegetable, is the most famous one. Azumino city is in Nagano prefecture in Japan.

How to grow?

“Wasabi” is so delicate that it can not grow in a warm place or no water. And you must keep it the shade because it has a preference for high temperature or direct sunlight.
In March it has its sprout and grows rapidly. At the same time, from the end of March to April, its flowers bloom. From July, its leaves are dead. At that time, it is growing underground until winter. It means that Wasabi is preparing the harvest during Autumn. Finally you can harvest it in cold season.

Why “Azumino Wasabi” is famous?

The reason is weather in Azumino is suitable for growing. Now as you know, it prefers a cold temperature, so Azumino is the best place for growing well. As a research, Nagano prefecture is the top prefectures to produce Wasabi, and 90% of them are produced in Nagano. This place has appropriate temperature and clear water that temperature is around 13 centigrade all year around.

Well why don’t you go to Nagano to try “Azumino Wasabi“? We eat Japanese soba noodle, Sashimi (low fish) or Sushi with grated Wasabi. The point of grating Wasabi is to add sugar to eliminate its scum. In addition, the leaf of wasabi is eatable. It is best much when it is soy sauce marinated or even tempura even though it is peppery.

If you stay in the city like Tokyo, you can try pasted or powdery one, but the taste is different from the real one! You may like it even though you do not like those kinds of foods.


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