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Yosegizaiku” is one of Japanese crafts. This technique is used a Japanese Puzzle Box and many foreign tourists are interested in it. The reason why it is called a puzzle box is it can’t be opened until you loosen the trick in the box.

The process of works is complicated and difficult. The craft works made by Yosegizaiku is wooden. The craftsman slices different color woods very thin with “Kanna” which is a cutting tool and combines various designed pieces. Therefore, the puzzle boxes’ design is mosaic and unique. While a puzzle box is the most popular, a simple box, a photo frame and a tissue box are excellent items for foreigners. You may think them a little bit expensive but they are so valuable that a lot of tourists buy them. If you have only small budget, why don’t you go to “Karakuri Museum” in Hakone? You have to purchase nothing there and fortunately, you are able to experience of the woodwork and the entrance fee is free!

Oh, do you know Hakone? Hakone is located close to Tokyo. It takes about one hour by train. In fact, The craft work made by “Yosegizaiku” is a local specialty in Hakone. You can get them as souvenirs for your family or friends. They must think that you have a good sense.

By the way, in Kanto area whose center is Tokyo, many schoolboys and girls visit Hakone on school trips because it is the nearest and best place for sightseeing, too. That’s why, if you call on someone in Kanto area, in his/her house you can find a small box made by “Yosegizaiku.”

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