【Culture】How to makeup the Beautiful Japanese Face2015.05.22


If you wear traditional Japanese garb “Kimono, ” you should know the secret of traditional facial makeup. Western style makeup creates a “three-dimensional beauty” but a Kimono makeup creates a “two-dimensional beauty” which purists feel is the true “dimension of beauty.” Today, people wear “a Kimono” for weddings, college graduations, or closed family funerals and other cultural events. The face makeup creates “Heian gao, ” which is the historical Japanese face. The lips, eyes and eyebrows are the keystone. The traditional Japanese makeup for Kimono dress is geisha defined; a full white face which a makes a slightly larger face, short, thick eyebrows and small lips.

You can makeup your face in the historical image of true Japanese beauty. Place foundation all your entire face – throat, chest, the nape and neck. Select the color for eye shadow and lipstick that match kimono color or design. If the kimono has the color red, white, yellow and brown, a good combination would be red lipstick. If the color of Kimono is pink, black, purple and blue, then pink lipstick would be good. When you put on lipstick, make sure the outline shape is defined using a lip pencil. Draw the lip outline firmly inside original lip contour. That makes the mouth looks smaller. The eyes are the focal point of “Helian Gao. ” Create the “Kirenaga” eye which increases and raises the eye line. First, draw a short, thick straight line. Use eyeliner to draw longer and thicker eye line to produce eyes – which emote strong feeling and depth.

There are few locations in Tokyo and Kyoto where “Heian gao,” is common. Try this makeup tip the when you wear a Kimono,


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