【Culture】A wooden doll which is Japanese traditional craftwork2015.05.20



Kimekomi Ningyou” was first made in Kyoto during Edo era (the 18th century) by Tadashige Takahashi, a staff in Kyoto Kami-gamo Shrine. He made a doll using some pieces of tree of a willow. The doll’s body was made of wood and he cut some parallel grooves on it and put cloth of “Kimono” with “Kinran” which is one of the cloth including very thin gold sheet called”Kin-paku” into the grooves. In Japanese we call this action, to put something into something, “Kimekomi.” A doll was called “Ningyou.” That’s why this doll has become to be called “Kimekomi Ningyou.”
To make”Kimekomi Ningyou”, people who want to become craft workers are required special proficient skills. It is so hard that they must train for a long time. The cloth must be put into the grooves beautifully so that it must be thin also tight. This doll is made the body and the head separately. After making the body, the head is put on.

Today, it becomes one of the cultural lessons people can take to make their own but only one in the world.


This doll is no just a doll but a unique one which the personality of the craft worker is shown like a carved work. In addition, the worker can make a creative work because he can make form freely and keep a good silhouette. Recently workers make compact dolls in order to put them in the house.

Kimekomi Ningyou” is so beautiful. If you put a compact doll in your house, your friends will definitely throw up their eyes!