【Hyogo】“Japanese Machu Picchu” The Takeda-jo Castle2015.05.19

05/19 竹田城

The Takeda-jo Castle is located 353.7meter above sea level. It is commonly called “Japanese Machu Picchu” because of its location environment and the state of stone wall. Such existing in complete condition of the remains of Japanese mountain castle is very rare and one of the biggest of all the kinds in Japan. So the Takeda-jo Castle has been attracting many visitors nowadays.

Since the castle has been selected as one of “Nihon 100 meijo (100 finest castles in Japan),” helped raise the profile of the castle even though the castle was not very well known before and it’s exploded in popularity. After that, the castle was chosen as a location for Japanese famous movie and popular TV drama series or a TV commercial. That made the castle even more famous and now it’s attracts over 400,000 visitors a year.

But that is not actually the only reason for such popularity. The castle also known for the sea of clouds that is visible from points of high elevation. The view of the sea of clouds surrounding the castle from there is said to be superb and it is absolutely magnificent! The people who have ever seen those magical scene say it looks like exactly “Tenku no shiro (Castle in the sky).” The name comes from well known Japanese anime movie of course.

However, there is no guaranty to encounter such an opportunity to see that magical view. The sea of clouds is natural phenomena after all so in a way, it is often matter of luck. Though there are few period of time of season which you might get extra chance to see the sea of clouds than any other season and it will be sometimes between the end of September and the beginning of April. Still it won’t ensure that you can definitely encounter the rare opportunity but if three main conditions are met in addition to that time matters, the probability of the event will increase. The three main conditions are the perfect weather and no wind (or slightly windy) and most importantly, a large temperature difference between morning (early) and daytime.

So if you really insist to see the sea of clouds, you better to check weather forecast frequently and don’t forget all measures against cold because the time suitable the event will be the coldest time of the year in Japan!

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