【Chiba】The Spring Traddition for Familes “Shiohigari”2015.05.12


One of Japan’s seasonal tradition is “Shiohigari.” “Shio” means tide and “Higari” is Hunting.The word “Shiohigari” defines digging for clams or other types of shellfishes, at shallow Japanese beaches. This seasonal tradition is generally spring to summer. People look up the tide chart of beach place’s and pick the right date with their families. A variety of media, TV, Print News, picks up the “Shiohigari” outings as a rite of spring. People enjoy digging clams and kids playing on the beach for fun. The word, “Shiohigari,” is also used as a season word for Spring for creating “Haiku” poetry.

Since long ago people have used a rake to collect clams and bring them back to home for cooking. The first step in planning a family outing date is to select a low tide dates. First, review “Shiomihyo,” tide tables, in your area and select low tide periods. “Shiohigari” is a great school or family event. Children play with sands or in the sea while parents gather clams. This is an ideal outing to teach children about beach ecology as well.

Most people dig for Clam but depending on the place you can get Bakagai and razor clam, too. Many famous “Shiorigari” locations are near Tokyo or big cities. People pay a fee for using the beach or on how much clams you will bring back to home, but it is a really reasonable price. From Tokyo, it takes 1-2hours to access close beaches in Chiba prefecture where you and your family can enjoy a day at the beach and eat fresh Clam ,Bakagai and Razor clams.

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