【Chiba】 Let’s go Strawberry Picking!2015.04.17


Spring is a season which you can enjoy the most delicious taste of strawberry in the year. Many strawberry farms open to the public for us to enjoy strawberry picking, called “Ichigo-gari.” From March, lots of strawberries are harvested, so people visit strawberry farms to enjoy picking.

The system of strawberry picking is quite easy. The average fee is around 1,500 yen per person and the picking time is 30-40 minutes. Just snap your wrist and turn a strawberry. You can easily pick one. Make sure to pick very red ones because they are ripe enough and much sweeter. Be careful the honeycomb in a greenhouse. There are various kinds of strawberries so it is also fun to compare those tastes. Of course, all- you-can eat!

Each farm provides a jar of strawberry jam, an ice cream and so on which you can eat or buy as a souvenir. You may enjoy those foods other than picking strawberries.

Japanese tends to enjoy seasonal event. In spring, so many people plan to go Strawberry Picking.  Picking strawberry is not just fun for those who like to eat. People can learn how it burgeons, especially children can see its growth.

If you travel to Japan in March or April, why don’t you go “Ichigo-gari”?There are a lot of strawberry farms and the most famous place is in Sammu city, Chiba prefecture. If you stay in a hotel near Narita airport, you can go there in about 40 minutes by a car or a bus. Even if you stay in Tokyo, the train or the express bus is available. Most people from Tokyo tend to use a bus because you don’t need to transfer in 1-2 hours. In Sammu city, Route 121 is called STRAWBERRY ROAD and you are able to find about 20 farm spots along the road. Some farms prepare wheelchairs for those who are handicapped. Because March and April are high season, you may want to make a reservation. If possible, you may want to avoid Saturdays and Sundays. On weekends they must be crowded.


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