【Nagano】”Takato Sakura” is a Town that is Carpeted With Pink Blossoms During the Springs2015.04.15


Japan has several famous locations where one can view cherry tree blossoming. One of those major spots is “Takato Sakura” where over 1500 cherry trees surround Takato castle. When the cherry trees start to bloom, the flowers completely change its town’s color, and that makes an inspiring experience.

Located in the foothills of Japan Alps, in Nagano prefecture, this old town has over 700 hundred years of history and is now a historical park. In the spring, the blooming cherry flowers cover this town in a pink blanket. The cherry trees produce a deep pink flower. Visitors and townspeople called this “Takato Sakura” the pink carpet. It is majestic to view the cherry blossoms and the towering Alps.

Sakura” is a special flower for the Japanese because of its  ephemeral. Japanese people tend to gain in importance of ephemeral beauty. It blooms only for 1-2 weeks reminding us that we have a limited life. Takato castle park is also a great place to visit in the fall to view the change in color of its numerous maple trees. Near Takato, there is a famous hot spring spa. One can enjoy and relax in the hot spa while watching the cherry trees bloom.

This town is 5 hours from Tokyo by express train and local train. Yearly, over 400,000 visitors visit this historic location and view this blossoming spectacle. People come from all over in Japan to enjoy this sign of spring. The initial cherry tree planted, called “Kohigan Sakura” began over hundred years ago which is a tiny cute pink flower if you compare to the “Somei-yoshino” variety that is the standard tree of Japan.


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