【San-sai Tempura】The Japanese Tempra Dish of Fried Vegetables collected in Mountains2015.04.13


What is “San-sai”?

They are plants(vegetables), which are collected in mountains. “Warabi”, “Zemmai”, “Fukino-to”, “Tara-no-me”, and bamboo shoot which is called “Takenoko” are main mountain vegetables, reffered as “San-sai.” Mainly, Japanese like to eat “San-sai Tempura.” “San-sai” is a little bit bitter but really healthy and fit for “Tempra dipping souce,” called Ten-tsuyu.

What is Tempra?

This is a typical Japanese dish which is fried vegetables or seafood covered with flour, eggs, and water mixtures. It says that in the end of the 16th century, fried meat which had been imported from Western countries was arranged to “Tempra.” “Tempra” is served with special “Tempra soup” which is sweet and salty , called “Ten-tsuyu”. If you put grated Japanese horse radish into the soup, the taste becomes better.

When is the best to try to eat?

The best season is spring. They can be gathered as they are absolutely fresh. Many Japanese tend to eat “San-sai” in spring. Then why do they eat in spring?

During winter, animals and also human being are not active in order to keep their heat and store the nutrition inside our body. When spring comes, we try to move and become active to smooth our physical system by the bitterness of “San-sai.” To put it shortly, “San-sai” wakes up our body in spring. In addition, it contains rich polyphenol that is antioxidant so we should try to eat them a lot. In spring , let’s try to eat “San-sai” to get rid of waste materials in our body and to remove the heat inside. We must become stronger physically and then are able to overcome the coming very hot summer.

Please try “San-sai Tempura” because the bitterness becomes mild with “Ten-tsuyu.” Make sure to try in spring in order to feel Japanese peculiar spring. “San-sai Tempura” is definitely delicious!