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04/10 たこ

It might be uncommon to eat octopus for Western people. However, octopus is widely eaten in Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East and some African countries. Here are some delicious Japanese “tako” (octopus) foods.

When it comes to “tako”, most of Japanese bring “Takoyaki” to their minds. It is considered a Japanese snack, which is in the shape of little round ball. It is made from grilled batter with a minced octopus inside. It is served with takoyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce), green onion, dried bonito shavings and mayonnaise. Many people get “Takoyaki” from street vendors at festivals and events. In Kinki region, west part of Japan, “Takoyaki” is more popular compared to Tokyo area and eaten as a meal. Interesting thing is that people in west part of japan eat “Takoyaki” with rice at dinner time and regard “Takoyaki” as an accompanying dish!

Sunomono” is also common side dish using octopus. It refers to wide variety of vinegared dishes. Ingredients are abundant from vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, broccoli to seafood like seaweed, fish to octopus. Octopus is usually eaten without being cooked. Generally, cucumber and seaweed are mixed with vinegar, sugar and salt. Taste is refreshing. With sugar, it is not so sour. With chewy octopus, you occasionally may have to bite many times, but taste good!
Tako no Sashimi (raw sliced fish) ” is also commonly eaten in Japan as well as other many fish.

There are many kinds of octopus foods which Japanese like. It may seem a bit odd, but once you eat, you may enjoy Japanese popular foods!!

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