【Toyama】Himi Gyoko – “Himi” fishing port2015.04.02

04/02 氷見漁港

Japan is an island nation surrounded by ocean. That means Japanese can have various kinds of fresh fishes all year. It might be one of the reasons Japan fascinate foreign people,especially who visit Japan.

Himi Gyoko” is located in the northwestern part of Toyama prefecture facing Toyama Bay. Fishing method in the port is fixed fishing net as shallow sea is spread along the coast about 5 km (3.1mile). Himi port is well known for fish catches being the number one, especially best known for Himi’s yellowtails. “Himi” fishing port have caught a wide variety of fish through the year and been a large part of Himi’s industry.

What kinds of fishes do you like to eat? In spring, you can have three kinds of pilchard- spotlined sardine, Engraulis japonica and Etrumeus teres and mackerel and Japanese horse mackerel are popular. You may enjoy hairtail in summer and Sphyraena and bonito in autumn. In the season of first snow, yellowtail fishing is at its peak. Stephanolepis cirrhifer, sagittated calamari and codfish are caught as well.

There is a tourist facility called “Himi banyagai”. You can heal your body with natural hot spring including footbath. Of course nice and fresh fish caught in the port in the restaurants are available!

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