【Saitama】Koedo, Kawagoe, a Town Which Left the Taste of Edo era2015.03.27

03/27 小江戸

There are many places to visit in Japan. You might enjoy modern metropolitan city of Tokyo. Or, Kyoto might be the most famous ancient city to see many old temples and cultures. “Koedo, Kawagoe” is one of the towns which retains the traditional “Edo” era. “Koedo” means a town which gives you the sense of “Edo” era.

Kawagoe is located in Saitama prefecture and has good access to Ikebukuro, Tokyo about 30 mins. It is good for one day trip to enjoy historical building structures and Edo taste from Tokyo metropolitan district. Main spot you may want to visit in the town is Time bell tower, called “Toki no kane”which constructed about 400 years ago. Even the town  was burn out once, mercantile of the town re constructed. The bell is rang 4 times  a day at 6am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm. It is also chosen one of the hundred of preserving sounds in Japan, chosen by Ministry of Environment.

You might be amazed to see a number of cute and nostalgic candy stores when you walk “Kashiya Yokocho” called Penny Candy Street.Other historical temples and sites such as Historical Grounds of the Tokugawa Family known as “Semba Toshogu Shrine ,” Kawagoe‘s Village Shrine and Beautiful Torii Gate (“Hikawa Shrine”) and so on.

Kawagoe is also famous for eels and sweet potatoes, cuisines using them might be served with excellent cook. You can enjoy both traditional cultures and foods.


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