【Shojin-ryouri】 A Japanese Cuisine without protein2015.03.23


We often hear the word vegetarians, who eat only vegetables. The people who eat “Shojin-ryouri” are similar those ones. This is a Japanese cuisine without protein like meat or fish and those people are called vegans.

Originally “Shojin-ryouri” is one of the training methods in Buddhists’ temples. In Buddhism, they prohibit the killing of animals, so they must not eat any meat or fish. While they are really similar to vegetarians, vegans must not eat the foods including protein such as rather eggs, milk, even fish spices for cooking Japanese soup or other dishes. In the Buddhist traditions, ascetic monks do meditations and clearing the floors as their training. Eating habits are considered as one of the training because they thank all the foods as they consume lives.

Have you ever heard Macrobiotic? It’s also similar to “Shojin-ryouri.” But the theory is completely different. Macrobiotic people don’t eat lots of meat or fish either but study about their healthy lives and Macrobiotic is based on the medical fields or nature.

Shojin-ryouri” is of course so healthy as well so that recently many Japanese gorgeous hotels, called “Ryokan,”serve “Shojin-ryouri.” If you are interested in Buddhism culture, try once “Shojin-ryouri“.


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