【Kin-paku】 the Japanese Traditional Gold Paper2015.03.10


If you hear gold, you might think it is expensive and valuable. Kin-paku is created by beating and extending gold many times to become like a paper or less than that, so it does not cost that much, comparing gold. It is very thin paper or pieces to apply for the decoration of goods and temples. In addition, it can be eatable. I will introduce here isn’t so-called gold nugget.

One of the major goods used “Kin-paku” had been a toy in Edo period. The high status people, especially women and girls, used to play using the clam shells decorated with “Kin-paku”. This play is called “Kai-awase” like a card game.

Nowadays, “Kin-paku” includes into various scenes. One of the examples is the historical architectures like “Kinkaku-ji” temple in Kyoto. In addition, the pieces are used for the traditional craftworks. They are put into even beverages like Japanese “sake” and decorations of Japanese food. The interesting example is that “Kin-paku” pieces include into face-oil-remove paper. This is a quite unique way because “Kin-paku” can imbibe the sebum. It can be used in many ways.

Kin-paku can be used in many cultural ways. Anyway, you may want to buy face-oil-remove paper including “Kin-paku” as a souvenir. It’s rather cheaper than the others!


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