【Miyagi】Zao, the place you must visit in the winter!2014.02.17

If you want to enjoy Japanese winter, it is a great choice to visit Zao in Miyagi prefecture. Zao is a famous sightseeing spot for ski and hot springs.

Mt. Zao is located in snowy district, so there are really nice ski slopes. Zao is so huge ski area that you can’t ski on all slopes in a day.

宮城県 蔵王 Photo by hirotomo
宮城県 蔵王 Photo by hirotomo

At the foot of the mountain, you can find the town. After you skied, you can enjoy a hot spring. The hot spring is called “Hime-no-yu”(a hot spring of princess), because it makes skin white and smooth.

There are many amusement specials in the winter.


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