[Nagano] Jigoku-dani, a hot spa for snow monkeys2014.02.04

In the scenes called “Jigoku-dani”, the hell valley in Japanese, many spots on the ground there usually have been emitting much gas. One of the so called valleys located in Nagano prefecture, however, looks a paradise for Japanese monkeys living there. Snow monkeys, you may know the nickname for Japanese macaque, enjoy taking bathes and show human visitors their relaxing as if they are living in their paradise. No human is accepted to take a bath with them, who are allowed to do in the other one nearby.

長野県 地獄谷 by Wajimacallit

長野県 地獄谷 by mith17
Although you can not find any snow monkeys except in the snowy season, you have chances to see monkeys taking bathes there.


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