Sanuki Udon, A king of Japanese noodle battlefields2014.01.24

Japan mainland is in wartime, where each of noodle warriers calls himself as the king of noodles in Japan, however, none has overcome others as of today.


Photo by Norio.NAKAYAMA

Udon is a typical Japanese noodle made of soft flour, and Udon dish is usually served in a boul with soy source soup.Sa-nuki is the ancient name of Kagawa prefecture in Sikoku island, where it is called the food is born. That is, Sanuki Udon is the Sanuki styled Udon.The noodle is relatively thicker and more elastic than others.This style of Udon dish has already become very pupular anywhere in Japan.


Photo by woinary

So, you can try it in Tokyo, and other cities in Japan.


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